Improv classes every Wednesday

from 20h30 to 22h00

Who is this course for? Anyone can join, whatever your experience with improv. You speak english fluently but have never improvised? Fine! You already improvise in French and want to try it in English ? Great! Join us.

Improvisation course where English tongues will mingle across a variety of categories and constraints. This course aims for people looking to improve their skills over the span of few weeks. An introductory course to the fundamentals of improvisational theatre for people who want to free their creativity, learn better communication skills in English, and have a bit of fun by learning to take risks in a fun and supportive environment.

Participants will be invited to improvise for an open audience, showcasing the skills they have learned in the class.


Free trial on September 18th 2019 !

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Tab 1

Classes from September 18th to December 8th

  • 14 classes (21 hours)
  • 1 show + 2 meetups (optional)
  • Cost : 115€ registration (+ 20€ annual membership)

Tab 2

Classes from January 22nd to May 27th

  • 18 classes (27 hours)
  • 2 show + 3 meetups (optional)
  • Cost : 130€ registrastion (+ 20€ annual membership)

Information :

Stéphane Boivin, /


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Improv show is our English speaking show running since 2018 in Grenoble. The shows is physical and action-packed: perfect for non-native english speakers too! Looking for a great night of fun and laughter? Would you just like to meet and hang out with other expats of Grenoble? Check out this English speaking Improv show.  The show features all your favourites categories. The audience will invent the show title and suggest exotic locations. Expect fun and energetic shows!







Once or twice a month, the IMPROV team invites another team to play with them on stage, in English. The atmosphere is accessible, fun and non-judgemental which allowed everyone to learn from each other. The number of seats available is limited to 25 and online booking is mandatory.



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