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Matthieu starts his career as an engineer in the Industrial field. Bored by the lack of humor of his production line, he decides to go living in New-Zealand for one year. Then, caught up by his true passions : Improvisation which he has been practicing since 2014 at the ligue Impro38 and with the Ciegale too, as well as the Breakdance and 20 years of headspin, he wants to become a comedian and teach his knowledge with kindness and enthusiasm ! So folks, how about having fun creating from scratch ?


Full priceReduced price (students and unemployed)
Half-year (18 classes)200€180€

Each registration includes a settlement of 20€ for annuel membership


Improv Grenoble is the first and the only english spoken Improvisation class in Grenoble (created by Stéphane Boivin in 2018).

Improvisation is a collaborative method of creating live spontaneous theatre that is always funny, often touching and frequently poignant. Players conceive original scenes in the moment, spontaneously discovering ideas, relationships and worlds between them, based on a stimulus from the audience.

Improv is by its nature participatory, and is emboldened by a diversity within its audiences and performers. Improv Grenoble aims to provide a space where all people can perform together, embracing the mosaic of Grenoble’s multiculturalism, religious plurality, gender and sexual diversity and thriving in the plethora of ideas they provide.

The improvisation classes will be based on the following main features :

  • Team spirit, work on letting go attitude and free speaking and most of all : having pleasure on stage ! Become aware and use its inventiveness and keep in mind you can’t say wrong in improv !
  • Listen and take into account the propositions (Yes, and…) It is one thing to create a story by yourself, it is another thing to build one as a group ! How do I make my ideas exist while I greet and include the other propositions for, finally, choosing a common direction ?
  • Learn how to identify and play with the two improvisation archetypes : the relational acting (Yes and react) and the construction of the action
  • Work on the various methods to play with the characters, the improv formats, the various categories, the physical acting, the scenery, the status…

And if you want to go further, don’t worry, some crusty master classes will be proposed to you during the year ! Check out our section stages.

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What we offer


Every Wednesday improvisers work together. At the core of that work is great teamwork, built on effective communication between team members, trust, support, and individuals feeling connected and committed to the full ensemble.


Improv Grenoble produces a completely original short and middle form (sketch like) shows that delights audiences.


From time to time, the IMPROV team invites another team to play with them on stage, in English. The atmosphere is accessible, fun and non-judgemental which allowed everyone to learn from each other. The number of seats available is limited to 25 and online booking is mandatory.


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